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Christmas Commissions

Hello!  Sorry for the radio silence there – I’ve been slowing down with everything lately as part of my New Year’s resolutions.  That included creating and posting to the blog – but I’m feeling better for it! This was a private Christmas commission I did in December – the mom of a friend of mine. […]

Here’s to the New Year

Hello internet world!  Sorry for abandoning ship for nearly a month.  It was needed and welcomed.  In my quest not to let Christmas get stressful this year, I just stopped one day.  Stopped blogging, stopped painting, I didn’t even finish a Christmas card.  I walked out of my study and to be honest, waited until […]

December Already!

Oh my goodness, it’s the last calendar month of the year!  Where did the time go?  Have you purchased your 2014 Calendar yet?  She feels so fitting too after all the Black Friday business you could not get away from if you tried at the end of last week. I hope the weekend went well […]

Here’s to the freakin’ weekend

Rihanna?  Anybody?  I’ll driiiiink to that, ya-ay yaaaa.  Ahem. Does anyone else find it’s the week following a long weekend that just kills you?  I’m lucky enough in my full time job to get an extra Monday off every two weeks and I have to be honest, the five day weeks I can plow through, […]

She’s HERE

Drumroll please… The 2014 Calendar is FINALLY ready!  Prepare yourself for a full year of my carefully crafted illustrations to brighten up your home, office, bedroom, daughter’s room, you name it and she is yours!  A labour of love does not begin to describe my feelings for this one.  I’m learning a little more each […]


  I can’t believe it’s November already!  I just want to say thank you for the increase in comments on the blog lately – it is so nice to have some feedback and to hear from my viewers and readers! Painting ladies will be on hold this weekend as I tackle a different painting project…the […]

the end of October

Halloween tomorrow!  From the girl who hates Halloween!  I remember going through all of this last year – as a kid growing up in Calgary it’s just ruined for you every year.  Mom slaves over an adorable costume featuring glitter and usually fairy wings in my case, only to have to bundle up in my […]

An Anniversary Gift

Finally I can start showing off some commissions!  Thanks to Carly of the College Prepster for sharing my illustration of her earlier this year, I’ve had a steady stream of illustration opportunities ever since.  I was commissioned for an anniversary sketch of Charlotte and Ryan by Charlotte’s sister for early October.  It was an enjoyable […]

Capoeira Sketches

It’s nice to get to mix both my passions every now and again.  My husband Frank and I train in separate capoeira groups.  Recently his instructor, Professor Frankenstein tore his Achilles tendon in a demo and had to go for emergency surgery.  My Frank asked me to create a card for him for all the […]


Good day to you world! She’s a day late and all the pinker for it.  I tried to post this from my iPhone yesterday before leaving New York to head home, but alas, with the new update something was not working for me.  Happy October!  I’m just getting settled back in, be sure to check […]

Keep Calm and OHMYGOSH NYC

  Isn’t she cute?  That is loosely based off an image of Kristen Bell looking adorable, stylish and also barefoot.  My kinda girl. First off, I really have to apologize for the tone of my last post.  I have had a crazy couple of weeks.  Months even.  The summer was non stop going as hard […]

All of the Fashion Weeks…all of them

Hello.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Instagram was blowing up all of last week with runway shots of the various shows for New York Fashion week.  I learned a bit about myself – it’s that I am more drawn to the street style of the individuals going to watch the […]


Yay!  September 1st!  I should not be so excited for the end of summer and yet we’re heading into my favourite time of the year.  The leaves are going to start changing, you can wear sweaters because they’re stylish and not because you need them, and best of all, I can justify coffee in the […]

Hints of Fall

Feeling so close to the crispness of Autumn, finally.  I felt a taste of it today, waiting at the bus stop after work with my trench coat bundled over the handle of my purse.  Under the warmth of the sun I could feel that edge to the air that whispers things will be changing.  I […]

The Brooklyn Blonde

Meet Helena of Brooklyn Blonde.  This is turning into a regular event for me, I initially discovered and sketched her on Pinterest over Christmas, which you can check out here – then I found her on Instagram, and now think of painting her quite often as I see her photos on my feed.  I think […]

August already!

Holy, where is the time going?  It’s August already – and it’s been a year since I painted this girl!  I remember thinking at the time she came out looking a little sad, even though she was supposed to look relaxed and blissful.  Oops. I’m off to Regina beach at the end of the workday […]

Rebecca Minkoff

This is an illustration I finished late yesterday of Rebecca Minkoff.  I was hoping to enter into the competition she was having for the next big artist/model/photographer, but I got caught up in my other work and couldn’t put a full piece together in time.  Too bad, because in my mind it looked amazing.  I’m […]


All I can say to the lovely Carly Heitlinger is thank you, thank you, thank you. And to all the new followers who checked out my blog yesterday, as well as all the new instagram followers – I am so thrilled that you found me! I really hope you stick around, and enjoy! I was […]

The College Prepster

Anyone else heard of the College Prepster? Well please, meet Carly. I started following her blog a little over a year ago, about the same time I started getting into all of this blogging business myself. She’s quite adorable and describes herself aptly as a Type A, workaholic. What’s not to like? She lives in […]

Back in Business

The good, the bad and the ugly. I finally got my computer back from my darling Papa Bear.  It was an interesting week not having access to a laptop at will.  I resorted to stealing Frank’s iPad in the meantime to get things done.  As for blog posts, I’d create them on the iPad and […]

Friday frame of mind

Oh hi. It’s Friday.  The sun is out and I just got home from work.  There may be a severe thunderstorm warning for the late afternoon but for right now, the sun is strong, I am barefoot, and I have a three day weekend ahead of me.  Life is good. I thought it was past […]

Where have you been?

Oh.  Hi? So.  I did not quit blogging.  Not on purpose.  I definitely did not quit painting for the record, either.  I signed my first big commission!  Very exciting.  I’ve done a few guest posts now for  the official blog for the Downtown Calgary Association.  Apparently with my Valentine’s day post they saw something […]

Embrace the Rain

Since the weather seems to have taken a turn for the temporarily soggy, I figure we might as well embrace it and keep the girls caught in downpours coming.  This was also taken during fashion week – not sure who she is.  I thought it looked cute the way she’s clearly embracing the rain, even […]

Anna Dello Russo

Isn’t she pretty?  I painted her Monday morning on my day off.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss watercolor while taking that break from it.  So much more rewarding to use than my markers, although they create a fun effect, certainly. How is the week treating everyone?  Believe it or not, I did […]