Where it all started

Hi there!  I’m Stephanie Fowler, a watercolor artist and urban sketcher, associating words with colour since I opened my first box of crayons and coloured all over my bedroom walls at the tender age of 3. 

 Design by Streetlight was born in the sleepy hours of a snowy Saturday morning in February of 2012.  Originally started on a dare, at the time I was creatively inspired by the energetic fashion illustrations colouring my Pinterest feed.  My web developer husband challenged me to paint ten fashion illustrations of my own in exchange for a blog. Challenge accepted – and from there, Design by Streetlight was born.  With a background in architecture, somehow it was not until 2015 that I stumbled onto urban sketching. DBSL has continued to evolve ever since and over time I’ve begun delving into other parts of the world that grab me – architectural features on buildings, challenges with perspective, and hours of experimentation with watercolour, marker and coloured pencils. 

“I would paint for ten hours a day every day if I could.  Inspiration hits me in every waking moment, from the strains of a song, to the shadow of leaves on pavement, to the sound of the rain and the people on the streets”

Why Design by Streetlight?  I just…like them.  They’re romantic, and magical and make me dream of what life is like for the rest of the world.

So, what marries fashion illustration with architecture and street sketching? I think it boils down to that vision of living your best life. Haven’t you ever looked at a piece of art and wanted to be a part of the lives lived inside of it?

Design by Streetlight’s inspiration is to capture the beautiful corners of the world through my own creative lens, and to add a bit of whimsy and color to life. My goal is to create lively pieces of art that will call to your dreams of travel, lend a sense of nostalgia for a favourite adventure, and provide you with bright, cheerful artwork that will personalize your space.

Celebrate the magic of the world and experience a sense of adventure – all from the comfort of your home.


1. Dogs or Cats


2. Drink of choice?





3. Personal Style:


a)Clean, classic, basic

b)Sporty and zen

c)Dressed to kill

d)Jet setter

4. Someday I want to:

Travel the world sketching and teaching workshops

5. Sunrise or Sunset?


6. Words to live by?

If you are worried about the time it will take to accomplish something, do
it. The time is going to pass anyway.

7. Most likely to binge watch:

The Office

8. Favourite Podcasts:

a)Don’t Keep Your Dayjob – Cathy Heller

b)School of Greatness –  Lewis Howes

c)The Rise Podcast – Rachel Hollis

d)The Goaldigger – Jenna Kutcher

e)Do it For the Process – Emily Jeffords

9. Artists who inspire me:

a)Inslee Haynes 

b)James Richards

c)Emily Jeffords

10. My husband can be described as:

a)My biggest fan and best supporter

b)Father of my cats

c)The man who sometimes eats my breakfast

d)All of the above

My Bucket List:

Visit Greece

Renovate an old home

Walk around on my hands

Become fluent in Portuguese

Earn a title in Capoeira

Have my illustrations Published in a magazine

A road trip through the USA

Live abroad for awhile

Play capoeira in a new place

Teach workshops in Europe

Wine tour in Napa Valley

Ride in a hot air balloon


Hey Girl Hey!

Design by Streetlight was born of a love of architecture, and a fascination with perspective
combined with a never ending desire to see what is tucked around the next corner of the world. 

We should hang out!  Find me at any of my social links.