You have questions, I have answers.

    Commissioned Work

    Are you interested in a custom painting? I would love to work with you! Send me a photo or address of what you’re thinking of. My typical turnaround time is one month for a completed piece, to be shipped to you upon completion. A 50% deposit is required at the time of commitment with the final balance due upon completion of the finished piece.

    Wholesale Availability

    I would love to have my products in your shop for resale. Feel free to contact me to arrange a wholesale order, or to work together on a collaboration.

    Do you have larger prints available?

    I am working on it! I am currently researching companies able to provide me with large scale prints at a reasonable cost who can also ship directly from their location.

    Do you work from photographs or from life?

    Both!  When I started out it was easier and more comfortable to work off of a photograph.  As time has gone on, I’ve become more comfortable working on a scene from life. This is something I will be talking about in my online course!  Sign up for my mailing list for early access.

    What types of commissions do you take on?

    Mainly street scenes, illustrations of your house, interior scenes.  If full figure sketches are requested please note they will be in my custom style with very little detail on facial features.

    What types of commissions do you NOT take on?

    Portraits with a lot of facial detail, and pet portraits.  I do know several folks who can do either of these things much better than I can and am happy to send you their details!

    Do you offer private lessons?

    I am in the process of creating an online course to be available in early 2020. Stay tuned and join my mailing list for more details! I also do the occasional course at Recess Shop in Inglewood, Calgary.

    Available Retailers?

    You can find me at MarketSpot in Chinook Centre effective August 2019


    Hey Girl Hey!

    Design by Streetlight was born of a love of architecture, and a fascination with perspective
    combined with a never ending desire to see what is tucked around the next corner of the world. 

    We should hang out!  Find me at any of my social links.