Guess who’s blog slacking?  MEEE!

For the record, I have been doing a lot of painting.  And it feels pretty terrific.  I just have not been bothering to blog, even though my wonderful husband helped me select a new WordPress template to give this girl a facelift.  Oops.

How cute are these guys?  I am at that critical stage in my life.  We’ve been married for a few years now, we have our respective careers on track, time to spend on hobbies and to dedicate to each other.  And all of my friends?  (okay…not all – but several)  They’re having babies.  I have to confess, I’m feeling it too.  But, prior to getting that blessing of my own, I’ve been having so much fun celebrating the new arrivals with some of my close girlfriends.  I painted these two to grace the walls of my good friend Hannah’s baby girl’s room.

Drawing these two was a lot of fun.  I left Pinterest alone for a change and searched through Google image upon Google image to find the rough composition I was after for the poses.  Because they were intended as children’s illustrations, I referenced other animated animals, but to make them truly my own, I had to play around a bit.  And here they are!  I’m in love.  These two will probably recur in the very near future across stationary in my shop, and can you imagine seeing them as wrapping paper or EVEN CUTER – printed onto a baby sleeper?  There are online shops that do these things.  I may have to go on a hunt.




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