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    Finally, finally life can slow down just a little.  I write these words having just returned hours ago from Vancouver following three intense weeks of capoeira which culminated Sunday in receiving my next belt.  I feel good.  I was exhausted and just breaths away from tears most of Saturday evening, but I’ve worked so hard for where I am.  My life is this fantastic balance of my two greatest passions, painting and capoeira.

    Painting this year has been interesting.  I experienced a great feeling of plateauing, but realized it was all an internal struggle really.  This fashion illustration for September?  I was in such a rush to finish these girls last year.  I did most of the paintings of the ladies first, then went back to add backgrounds.  Somehow I was finished with this one before I asked the question.  Why is she wearing sunglasses inside?  Maybe she’s just about to leave.  Having finally seen ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and having followed up with the Grace Coddington memoir (which abhorred that movie) I learned that Anna Wintour is famous for wearing her dark shades while sitting front row at all the fashion shows during the month of September.  So really, that’s my ultimate argument.  This girl here?  Channeling her inner Anna Wintour.  Obvi.

    I had to mentally revisit why I was creating all these illustrations in the first place.  Once I took it back to an intention of getting better at my own craft, it started to come so much easier.  I’ve produced a decent amount of work over the summer months, some for sharing, some just for me.  But I’m ready to revisit the blog a little more.  And now that these insane training hours of capoeira four (plus…) days a week are temporarily behind me – hopefully I’ll have more time to share with you.

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