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    Well hello fair readers, if you are still stopping in.

    I confess, I have been more than absent lately. It’s been in my best interests.  Life throws funny curve balls at you sometimes, and you have to take time off for yourself as needed.  I’d been feeling this way for a while with the blog.

    Fashion illustration changed for me earlier this year.  I had to just ride it out to figure out what was up, but at the end of the day, it just wasn’t all I wanted to be about.  I know what got me onto it in the first place – inspiration from other fashion illustrators.  I loved the form and flow of their work.  But I knew I needed to keep going.

    This sketch came together in the early hours of a saturday morning while I was trying to sketch out girls for the 2015 calendar.  It’s on it’s way, just so you know.  8 months ready and the remaining four are circulating in my brain.

    I got up to another little something this past while.  Somewhere in my internet meanderings, I stumbled onto a list of creative blogs to follow.  From there, I found Amy over at Pikaland.  And from there…I signed up for her six week course called Work, Art, Play.  The course is fantastic – aimed at finding your creative niche, learning to branch out in your market, and how to navigate the world that is the internet.  It’s been great in helping me to focus on areas of my work that I would like to spend more time, as well as arm me with advice on overcoming this internet and blogging burnout I had been feeling.  I have just one week left in the course and I’m going to miss it when it’s done.

    I’ve been thinking about my blog in the back of my mind.  Remembering that I have updates I want to do, new products I would like to offer, and new avenues I’d like to explore.  It occurred to me too that I should really pop back into the blogging world to say hello.

    Thanks for stopping by – talk soon?

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