Get those bikini’s ready!  Finally Calgary weather forecast is predicting a week of temperatures in the high twenties – meaning I may actually be able to go to work without a sweater over my cute outfit!

It’s funny to look at this illustration almost a year after painting it – I was so proud of it at the time but now there are so many tweaks I would make.

I’ve been doing things a little differently in terms of artwork lately.  A lot of my girlfriends are having their first babies right now, so I’ve started creating illustrations to decorate their baby rooms with.  It’s fun – and challenging.  You know how some children’s books could really grab you because of an awesome illustration?  That’s my goal.  My first project has been working with animals and it’s really challenging to look at a reference photo of (for instance) a giraffe, then to try to draw it a little more cartoon-like and friendly.  I haven’t even started adding colour yet!  I’ll share my finished stuff when it’s all done (promise!) and I look forward to any feedback!

For today, enjoy the holiday!  Get outside, feel the sun on your skin and do something you love.  The world will thank you for it.

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