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Thought for the Day

I’ve been facing a bit of a digital learning curve this week and thought playing around with this quote would do me some good.  The funny thing is – once I finished it I referenced back to where I’d found it – and realized I’ve quoted it wrong.  It’s actually “Every artist was FIRST an […]

In sickness and in SO sickness…

Let me just start this post off by coming out and saying… I am disgustingly sick right now.  Like, my loving husband, after giving me flu medicine and Vicks vapo-rub before bed last night, had to sweetly ask me to turn my face the other way to breathe because I’m so congested, achy and moaning […]

Kicking SAD to the Curb

Just a snippet of what’s waiting to be painted right now… Whew!  Alright, SERIOUSLY, how is everyone feeling today?  I’ve been battling the royal headache that is Seasonal Affective Disorder now since Friday and I think I’ve finally got a grip on it.  The sad part is, it took a while to even recognize what […]

‘dat ass

    Yes I had to.  How many girls can insert that much attitude into a picture of them from behind? Hope the weekend was kind to everyone!  Here we go again Monday…

Here’s to the freakin’ weekend

Rihanna?  Anybody?  I’ll driiiiink to that, ya-ay yaaaa.  Ahem. Does anyone else find it’s the week following a long weekend that just kills you?  I’m lucky enough in my full time job to get an extra Monday off every two weeks and I have to be honest, the five day weeks I can plow through, […]

She’s HERE

Drumroll please… The 2014 Calendar is FINALLY ready!  Prepare yourself for a full year of my carefully crafted illustrations to brighten up your home, office, bedroom, daughter’s room, you name it and she is yours!  A labour of love does not begin to describe my feelings for this one.  I’m learning a little more each […]

New Studio!

Yet another day that I cannot brag that the calendar is ready!  We are SO close!  Everything is painted and has been touched up in photoshop.  I’m on the last step of the calendar now, moving everything into InDesign to set up the layout for print.  It’s trickier for me still because I’ve only used […]

Try the Salad

  Please let me just preface this post by saying…this is not the post I wanted to have for today.  I wanted to triumphantly declare from the rooftops and any other surfaces I could perch myself atop of “The Calendar is READY!”.  But.  It’s.  Not. So close though.  So instead of the 2014 Design by […]


  I can’t believe it’s November already!  I just want to say thank you for the increase in comments on the blog lately – it is so nice to have some feedback and to hear from my viewers and readers! Painting ladies will be on hold this weekend as I tackle a different painting project…the […]

the end of October

Halloween tomorrow!  From the girl who hates Halloween!  I remember going through all of this last year – as a kid growing up in Calgary it’s just ruined for you every year.  Mom slaves over an adorable costume featuring glitter and usually fairy wings in my case, only to have to bundle up in my […]

Monday Musings

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  I wondered how to follow up on a post like my previous one and can definitely say that caused some hesitation before I was ready to post again. Thanks so much for those who got back to me, either through email or comments on the blog.  I’m grateful for your […]

Birthday Musings

Greetings!  Two posts in two days, even I can barely believe that!  Today is my 30th Birthday – the beginning of a brand new decade for me!  Since my eyes first opened this morning my mind and heart have been racing thinking about the things to come, asking myself what I want out of the […]

Pet Love

Pets are funny, aren’t they?  Inspite of the fact that beyond their pet sounds they really can’t say anything, there’s never any doubt in your mind that having a pet means having a solid companion who has your back pretty much every day and will love you unconditionally.  The first time I came to visit […]

An Anniversary Gift

Finally I can start showing off some commissions!  Thanks to Carly of the College Prepster for sharing my illustration of her earlier this year, I’ve had a steady stream of illustration opportunities ever since.  I was commissioned for an anniversary sketch of Charlotte and Ryan by Charlotte’s sister for early October.  It was an enjoyable […]

Capoeira Sketches

It’s nice to get to mix both my passions every now and again.  My husband Frank and I train in separate capoeira groups.  Recently his instructor, Professor Frankenstein tore his Achilles tendon in a demo and had to go for emergency surgery.  My Frank asked me to create a card for him for all the […]

All things New York

Pretty, huh?  I want to move into this style a little more. Okay!  Friday after New York and right on cue I am sick.  I knew it was coming.  I promised my body after New York it could knock me right out if it wanted to.  It did.  But I wanted to recap my trip […]


Good day to you world! She’s a day late and all the pinker for it.  I tried to post this from my iPhone yesterday before leaving New York to head home, but alas, with the new update something was not working for me.  Happy October!  I’m just getting settled back in, be sure to check […]

Keep Calm and OHMYGOSH NYC

  Isn’t she cute?  That is loosely based off an image of Kristen Bell looking adorable, stylish and also barefoot.  My kinda girl. First off, I really have to apologize for the tone of my last post.  I have had a crazy couple of weeks.  Months even.  The summer was non stop going as hard […]

All of the Fashion Weeks…all of them

Hello.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Instagram was blowing up all of last week with runway shots of the various shows for New York Fashion week.  I learned a bit about myself – it’s that I am more drawn to the street style of the individuals going to watch the […]


Yay!  September 1st!  I should not be so excited for the end of summer and yet we’re heading into my favourite time of the year.  The leaves are going to start changing, you can wear sweaters because they’re stylish and not because you need them, and best of all, I can justify coffee in the […]

Hints of Fall

Feeling so close to the crispness of Autumn, finally.  I felt a taste of it today, waiting at the bus stop after work with my trench coat bundled over the handle of my purse.  Under the warmth of the sun I could feel that edge to the air that whispers things will be changing.  I […]

crop top

  Last week was a bit chilly and a venture out into the shops had visions of fall coming to mind.  I started dreaming of mustard colored cardigans, and deep burgundy sweaters.  The weather forecast for Saturday was supposed to be rainy and I don’t even think we were slated to hit 20 degrees.  Then […]

Haute Chiconomics

  Well I could sure go for a pair of…what do you think – seven inch? — eight inch? stilettos?  This is the best part of illustrating – things can be as realistic or as far a departure from reality as you like.  In all honesty my wardrobe is so full of neutrals that a […]

Rebecca Minkoff

This is an illustration I finished late yesterday of Rebecca Minkoff.  I was hoping to enter into the competition she was having for the next big artist/model/photographer, but I got caught up in my other work and couldn’t put a full piece together in time.  Too bad, because in my mind it looked amazing.  I’m […]