General Musings

Happy New Year!

Well hello and welcome to 2016!  This is the first year since Frank and I have been together that we’ve celebrated in Calgary.  In true Stephanie style, I was more excited to go to bed so I could wake up early to start my January 1st.  I’ve already de-Christmas’ed the house, made my first sketch […]

Inktober: A Success??!

  Side note*  I drafted this November 2nd and then took too long to get my sketches scanned!  Still posting this because it felt good to talk about.  Don’t you just love social media?  October was SO 11 days ago…   I survived Inktober and managed to put out a sketch a day for 31 […]

Inktober: the Home Stretch

We’re in the final week of Inktober and I wanted to talk about a few things I have learned over the course of the past month with it.  There is quite the disconnect, I’m finding, between my blog and my Instagram account.  The blog still shows the occassional fashion illustration and some other random musings. […]

Sweet September

Well hello and happy September first!  Feels a little surreal, doesn’t it?  Like it’s been summer in Calgary since early May anyways.  We’ve been spoiled.  Here’s to kicking off Fashion Week in all major cities around the globe – which is what these two ladies were meant as an ode to.  They’re fashion bloggers, decked […]

Brazilian Heat: A Wild Success

Wow – what a weekend.  Or rather, what a crazy last couple of weeks.  We’ve known about this event since January.  I agreed to take part early on as a dancer back in February, thinking it would be a great opportunity to push out of my comfort zone and get into killer shape for the […]

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Okay okay, I’m a little nervous to announce I’ve just gone after my first really big commission.  The City of Calgary is looking for artists to create banners for the bridges leading into the downtown.  I’ve been driving under those banners for as long as I can remember – some that I’ve loved and others […]

Starting August at the end of July

  Because it’s a long weekend and I say why the hell not?! I loved this calendar girl so much more before I sketched her background – and I suspect it’s because her background just doesn’t match her all that well.  I struggled a bit with getting that calendar out too mind you – and […]

a mid-summer’s July

To quote the white rabbit: “Goodness me!  I’m late I’m late I’m late!” The last two weeks have been unintentionally spent travelling from coast to coast in Canada.  My dad, sister and I ventured out to Regina beach the last weekend in June to spend some time with my mom’s side of the family.  Late […]

Life, Lately

  I should really be updating more now that the blog has been cleaned up! I keep realizing too that I mean to write up posts and forget entirely.  We were in Mexico a little while ago – I could write about that.  I completed the third year of the Vitality Awards for the Downtown […]

Aaaand June.

Wow, so that was a whole month between postings. Life is crazy post personal trauma.  For one thing, my short term memory?  Shot.  Second, my emotional capacity for anything trying is nonexistent right now.  I’m working on it though.  And the concept of time continues to blow me out of the water.  I feel like […]

Days of May

And a lovely day and half so far it has been! Are things looking a little cleaner around here on the site?  Yes they are.  Are they going to get even better?  I think so! My wonderful husband and I were up at the crack of 7:30AM-ish (on a Saturday!) ready to carpe-the-diem in all […]

Time Marches on…

It’s a country song.  I can’t think of the artist right now – Neil something.  I know my mom said he was handsome and I didn’t think so at the time, but I wonder if my perspective would be any different twenty odd years later. Anyways.  I just wanted to put some more work up […]

#DBSLdrawsYYC – ing

My first post under that hashtag in awhile!  Feels okay. One great thing about this leave of absence is I’ve been drawing a lot.  Like every single day, sometimes for up to four hours at a time.  Just getting lost in the process, figuring out my style, learning little things to tweak.  I did a […]

back in the swing of things?

I know, I know…the blogging schedule really does leave something to be desired. I’m still on a bit of a leave from work.  The normal Type-A part of me thought I would be efficient as all get out, maximizing the time off, working tirelessly on new pieces and maybe even finally following through on the […]

In most loving memory…

February and March were two of the hardest months of my life.  In some ways so short, but as one person put it, that time will probably stay in my memory better than many other periods in my life. March 16th, very early in the morning, my beautiful mom finally surrendered in her long battle […]

Birds and BABIES

  It’s not really a secret.  My husband and I have been trying for a baby for some time now.  I’m doing my best to trust the path I’m on now, and not worry too deeply about why it’s taking the time it is.  Maybe I’m meant to discover something about myself.  Maybe there’s a […]

New Year, New Hashtag: #DBSLdrawsYYC

Happy Friday!  Three posts so far this month, colour ME impressed!  Why the change?  Because I’m so thirsty to keep creating these days! I’ve been taking those Urban Sketchers books I received for Christmas to heart – I have found time almost every day so far this year to pull out my sketchbook and draw […]

Am I…complicated enough to be here?

  What a start, right?  Well I do want to get back to this space more often, so I think questions like these are important!  Frank and I ventured out into the bitter cold tonight to attend an art show for a fellow capoeirista and artist friend of ours, Jason Lamacraft .  It was pretty neat […]


…sorry. There I was, hell bent on getting the 2015 calendar out for December 1st…and then…absolute burnout.  I stopped working out, capoeira, any attempt at drawing or painting.  Blech.  I just had a three day weekend.  Instead of trying to stay productive, do you know what I did? I slept in.  For three days.  Adding […]

A few more aMiNals…

Well hello again!  Look at that…less than a month to return to blogging!  I am patting myself on the back right now. So I believe I’ve covered how all of my friends have been having babies this past year.  I’m eagerly feeling ready for one of my own, but in the mean time, I had […]

Beep beep.

  Well hello fair readers, if you are still stopping in. I confess, I have been more than absent lately. It’s been in my best interests.  Life throws funny curve balls at you sometimes, and you have to take time off for yourself as needed.  I’d been feeling this way for a while with the […]

sketching children

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it started happening.  I was always looking for fashion figures to draw, but started stumbling across really cute pictures of kids so I’d pin those too.  Small disclaimer though – those images you see all over Pinterest of three and four year old children dressed all fashionably like they’re the […]

Sweet, sweet September

Finally, finally life can slow down just a little.  I write these words having just returned hours ago from Vancouver following three intense weeks of capoeira which culminated Sunday in receiving my next belt.  I feel good.  I was exhausted and just breaths away from tears most of Saturday evening, but I’ve worked so hard […]

July! and Happy Canada Day

Get those bikini’s ready!  Finally Calgary weather forecast is predicting a week of temperatures in the high twenties – meaning I may actually be able to go to work without a sweater over my cute outfit! It’s funny to look at this illustration almost a year after painting it – I was so proud of […]