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    Hello everyone!

    After hours of painting and then even more hours in Photoshop and InDesign, I am thrilled to announce that the 2017 Calendar is now LIVE in my Etsy store!  This is the fifth year of production, which I cannot believe.  There are probably a thousand quotes applicable to this moment, but to try to summarize succinctly I’ll go with this:

    “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.  The time will pass anyway.”    – Earl Nightingale

    Five years have gone by since I started Design by Streetlight?  Wow.

    The link to my store is at the top of the site or right here.  We’ve got the Classic 8×10″ Calendar stocked and ready to go, AND this year we are introducing a new size!  Full sheets at 11×17″, with a proper full month calendar below to write in appointments, track events and note down schedules as needed.  This idea came to me last year as I was searching for a calendar for our kitchen.  There was an absolutely beautiful calendar sitting in Indigo, but it didn’t have proper calendar months.  I reluctantly returned it to the shelf but thought to myself, I should change this on my calendar for next year!  So there it is.


    I hope your year has been fabulous and that as it winds down you can find moments of peace against the chaos that is the holidays.  For me, I’m feeling the wave of accomplishment as we send the 2017 Calendar off to the presses.  I can clear my desk both literally and figuratively and dive back into drawing again!

    Merry Christmas!



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