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    Hi!  Sorry this image is not an ideal size for a blog post – it’s so long it had to be sized to fit the blog I suppose!

    So in the interest of getting better at capturing people I went down to the C-Train platform on Parade Day to catch parade goers leaving the route.   It was great practice sitting on a bench and drawing as quickly as I could while people waited for the train.  They were relatively stationary, brightly dressed, and not really aware of me there at all.  Paint was added the next morning, over coffee, in the brightness of my home study.

    I did garner a little attention while working on this, both on the C-Train platform and after it was posted to Instagram.  While on the platform I had a relatively intoxicated man offer to show me his own artwork.  I just responded with saying ‘Sure!’ and then turning back to my stuff and he ambled away relatively quickly.  For times like this, I’m finding keeping my headphones in is pretty effective in letting me focus on what I’m doing and avoiding (to a small extent) being distracted by onlookers.

    The next bit of attention was much more welcome!  Calgary Arts Development saw my post on instagram thanks to me using their hashtag #YYCLCL to show my creative living in Calgary.  They are going to feature the instagram image on their blog for August!  It made me very excited — and then immediately made me wonder the last time I’d posted on my own blog.  Oops.

    At least I have a backlog of images to post.  I’ve just been having so much fun burying myself in sketching that I’ve given no thought to posting it on the web.  Instagram is so great for sharing work instantly – no pun intended.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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