I wasn’t sure if I’d get one finished this year – after working on those Calendar months to finish up the 2017 DBSL Calendar my eye was tuned to look for more complicated scenes.  The past few weeks have run along at a pretty insane clip if I am to be honest.  In any event, I came home last Tuesday and gave myself an hour on the couch to relax.  I was looking up at a set of older paintings from 2014 that are hanging on our living room wall and thought of one of them, I could re-do that one in a Christmas theme.  So that’s exactly what I did.  It was a nice small piece to get me back to sketching again too.

I’m about to start my last week of work for the year.  This Friday we head to Rossland to be with Frank’s family for Christmas.  I’m looking forward to the time away, for the change in routine and time to work on hobbies.  I asked for several new sketching books for Christmas and have visions of hours tucked in reading through new books and working on new sketches.

I have a few goals for my art in place for 2017 – hopefully there will be some fat pockets of time to start exploring some of them in the coming weeks.

Happy holidays, I hope for anyone reading that you have some slower periods these next few weeks to enjoy some time to yourself!

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