Welcome 2018

Kootenay Trees Sketched by the fire after a hike around my husband's old stomping grounds growing up. I understand now why people paint this sort of thing. This experience in nature was nothing short of magical.Hi there!   I just wanted to pop in and say hello, blog! ...

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Live Illustration at Cacao70

This has been quite the year for Design by Streetlight.  Maybe it's five cumulative years of #hustle without much of a stir on the rest of the world, but things have really been cooking for me in 2017.I was approached out of the blue about two weeks ago and asked to...

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2018 DBSL Calendars are here!

Good Morning!  It's Saturday, the second day of fall and here in YYC the sun is trying it's best to break through the bleakness that has been content to blanket our city this past week or so.  I just wanted to write a little note here to say that I have decided to...

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Baby Gifts

These are our friends Nate and Nat!  Four years ago we spent a month travelling through South East Asia together.  That was before I was attempting Urban Sketching, still working on fashion illustration and when capoeira was dominating my focus in life (as it still...

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What Else is New Around Here?

Hello blogging world!I am still alive and at the drawing board - and the keyboard too.  March was an amazing marathon of a month with getting all the initial work on the Etsy store up and running.   Added to that - Urban Sketchers reposted a few of my sketches on...

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Workin’ on Etsy…

And on the inside singing the song "Runnin' on Emptyyyy"...just me?  Well that's fabulous.I am ever so grateful for having had an open weekend this week.  Somehow I got ultra focused and spent at least eight hours sitting at the computer working on the Etsy store....

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Where To Next?



Hey Girl Hey!

Design by Streetlight was born of a love of architecture, and a fascination with perspective
combined with a never ending desire to see what is tucked around the next corner of the world. 

We should hang out!  Find me at any of my social links.