Gifts for Nate and Nat

These are our friends Nate and Nat!  Four years ago we spent a month travelling through South East Asia together.  That was before I was attempting Urban Sketching, still working on fashion illustration and when capoeira was dominating my focus in life (as it still somewhat is…).  It’s fascinating to watch time go by.  Next month they’ll be welcoming their firstborn into the world.  Nate is something of an artist himself so I was very flattered when he asked me to help out with art for the nursery.  They’re expecting a little girl, and went with a space theme for the baby’s room.  He sent me a few images and color swatches of what they had in mind and this is the finished result!  A little different from my usual style – but I was thinking it as I was painting these, how fortunate that my comfort level in experimenting with watercolor has increased over the years.  These were really enjoyable to work on – a slow race of the brush against the speed of the water drying on paper.  Of course it did not occur to me to take scans for later reproduction, or for sharing on here.  Maybe these will be worth a fortune one day – Stephanie Fowler originals.  Cue laughter. 🙂

And here is a photo of Frank and I.  We are horrible at remembering to take photos together – but yesterday we were on the ball and especially out of the ordinary – not in capoeira clothes!  hah!  So this is us.  Slowly growing older together.

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