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    Good morning world!

    As usual – this poor blog goes neglected. How are we doing so far with 2019? If you’re in Calgary, it has been an odd start to the year. January was mild with very little snow, but at the beginning of February the temperature plummeted and stayed down. I coped for a while, wallowed for awhile, and now I’m burying myself in painting and working on DBSL again so it’s getting better. Today the skies are bright blue and clear as a bell, so that helps. The morning light is filtering beautifully through our home, making me feel so good about the day.

    So where have I been? The months leading up to Christmas were amazingly hectic, with Etsy sales coming in and making my heart soar. The DBSL Calendar sold out yet again – I have a best seller on my hands, clearly. I’ve now invested in an Etsy mastermind to see if I can recreate that holiday success all year round.
    Watercolor workshops quieted down and have me a little puzzled. On one hand, registration for the workshops has completely fallen off. On the other, I do get such a reward out of teaching, especially when I can see the value it brings to others as concepts start to sink in. I’m not sure what the future holds for me with workshops in all honesty.

    Right now my focus is moving in a small number of directions.
    I’m updating Etsy listings and thinking of a new line of products to post – custom stationery to begin with!
    I’m painting a New York street scene slow and steady and really digging into the process.
    I have a blank canvas staring at me that is outside my normal dimensions and have a fun idea for what to do with it – an unorthodox view of Calgary.
    Last, these cold and dark winter nights (thankfully that darkness is starting to recede) have had me rediscovering the joy of watching movies that I love with the added benefit of setting myself up to sketch while they play. So good! I’m already sketching the calendar out for 2020 if you can believe that! And I am pulling out the stops this year. Just you wait.

    Just wanted to pop in an say hello – and check out this cute little gallery wall of some of my winter prints! Cold and dark though winter may be – it can still be beautiful too.

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