And then it got Pinteresting

My favorite painting produced so far this year - started in our beloved townhouse and finished during the first few weeks of living in our new old house. I have always wanted to see London, and crowded streetviews like this are what inspire me to paint.Hi fam! I know,...

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2018 – The Halfway Mark

Hi! Wow! Was that six months already? I'm just kidding. I believe it. What has happened in the last six months? The House The biggest life change is that we bought a house! A sixty year old, desperately in need of love and new plumbing home. It's so full of potential...

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Where To Next?



Hey Girl Hey!

Design by Streetlight was born of a love of architecture, and a fascination with perspective
combined with a never ending desire to see what is tucked around the next corner of the world. 

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