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My Travel Kit

  Okay, so by now I’ve been travelling through Brazil for almost two weeks.  How insightful of me for the first time in almost four years to schedule a bunch of posts for January!  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back a moment… Done.  It’s probably painfully sunburnt right now anyways.  So!  The […]

back in the swing of things?

I know, I know…the blogging schedule really does leave something to be desired. I’m still on a bit of a leave from work.  The normal Type-A part of me thought I would be efficient as all get out, maximizing the time off, working tirelessly on new pieces and maybe even finally following through on the […]

YYC Vitality Awards 2014

  Okay! As promised, I’m sharing a few of the sketches I did for the Downtown Calgary Association this year.  I really want to keep working on rendering architectural features and working with the Downtown Association was the perfect opportunity for me.  There are still (always) areas I would like to continue to improve in, […]

Painting the Calgary Grain Exchange Building

As I mentioned previously, I was contacted for the second year in a row by the Downtown Calgary Association to create illustrations for their winners of the Vitality Awards.  At the last minute they also decided to commission one last piece, a gift for a gentleman who will soon be retiring, of one of his […]

Then it was May…

…and I resolved to return to the blogging world! I’ve been away one full month and this little blog is about to turn 2!  Where does the time go?  April was busy, and great.  We went away for a beach holiday, I got an awesome commission for the second year in a row with the […]


Well into February it is.  Once we get out of this ‘minus teens’ phase I’m sure it’ll be great.  For now here’s someone cute, sassy and neutral to keep the spirits up.

oh hey Friday!

No real story to go along with this lovely lady – I just liked her pose and her dress and her cute little hat!  And so she made it onto paper.  Happy weekend!

In sickness and in SO sickness…

Let me just start this post off by coming out and saying… I am disgustingly sick right now.  Like, my loving husband, after giving me flu medicine and Vicks vapo-rub before bed last night, had to sweetly ask me to turn my face the other way to breathe because I’m so congested, achy and moaning […]

‘dat ass

    Yes I had to.  How many girls can insert that much attitude into a picture of them from behind? Hope the weekend was kind to everyone!  Here we go again Monday…


All I can say to the lovely Carly Heitlinger is thank you, thank you, thank you. And to all the new followers who checked out my blog yesterday, as well as all the new instagram followers – I am so thrilled that you found me! I really hope you stick around, and enjoy! I was […]

dang Tory!

I am really digging the new line of pumps and flats Tory Burch is promoting for fall. Does that ever get on anyone else’s nerves that you just get into one season and the fashion world is already into the next? The temperatures have finally hit the high twenties, I’m actually going sleeveless to work […]

exciting things happening

I think with the torrential downpour and all the flooding we’ve been enduring in Calgary, so long as I do not get evacuated from home this weekend I’ll be able to get the scanner back up and running and start producing some new work. I guess it’s all new to you guys, huh? I actually […]

Friday frame of mind

Oh hi. It’s Friday.  The sun is out and I just got home from work.  There may be a severe thunderstorm warning for the late afternoon but for right now, the sun is strong, I am barefoot, and I have a three day weekend ahead of me.  Life is good. I thought it was past […]

shine bright like a diamond

Baaaah I totally tried to boycott Rihanna after she went back to Chris Brown, but her damn catchy ass songs continue to suck me in.  At least I have not bought any of her music since then — just sing along guiltily in the car whilst she plays on the radio.  This bombshell – who […]

lay it out

Wanna-be-blogger combats yet another case of the lazies and falls out of blogosphere for days on end. Promise I was still sketching in the off days.  It’s scanning them.  So much resistance there.  I’m thinking I need to get back on watercolours again soon too.  We haven’t spoken in like…forever.

March! March!

Suuuuuch a slacker, I am so sorry!  The last two weeks have been nothing short of insane.  We had our bathroom reno going on, I was primary caregiver for my parents dog Wilson and cat Kirby, there was a lot of driving back and forth across Calgary to shower at my parents house and my […]


And to round out the week: the stunning yet inherently always pissed off looking Cara Delavigne. Boa semana fin!

rule breaker

Okay!  How is the week treating you so far? We are midway through renovations and I am expecting a whole new look to my main bath when I get home from work this afternoon.  If all goes well we could be moving back in by Friday! So this girl I’ve called the rule breaker because […]

travel ready

How goes the long weekend for everyone so far?  I decided to sleep in and get my Monday post ready a little later today because hey — long weekend.  So there.  Also – as I type this my wonderful contractor Francois is tearing apart our bathroom!  It’s awful right now, and I am SO excited […]

comfy cozy

Isn’t she cute?  She makes me imagine a time in the not so distant future where it will once again be mild enough to layer on a bulky sweater and long scarf as opposed to my heavy winter jacket to go out the town or to run errands.  Is anyone else having the problem of […]

an early valentine

I know it’s a day early and that I should really be covering NYFW but she was just so sweet in her rose petaled skirt! Hope the midweek is treating you fabulously!


How cheerful are these?  Seriously! Good weekend?  Mine was nice.  It was productive on every front aside from health and fitness which I intend to get back to this week with a vengeance.  So I was able to move into my new office on Friday as the girl I am taking over for left on […]

dressed to kill

Yeoch!  This is Adriana Lima, the Victoria’s Secret model in a spread from Vogue: Brazil.  Starting to feel a little more exotic I think!  I’m getting a bit braver exaggerating proportions and playing with stances on the models.  Next week I’ll probably try a few crouching positions to see how dramatic I can make those. […]

Run Style, Run

Has anyone heard of Run Style Run?  As per usual I was perusing Pinterest and decided to follow the link through for once to see where my model of choice had been sourced from.  I found her style pretty cute and thought it additionally charming that 1) she’s also a runner and 2) she’s been […]