All I can say to the lovely Carly Heitlinger is thank you, thank you, thank you.

And to all the new followers who checked out my blog yesterday, as well as all the new instagram followers – I am so thrilled that you found me! I really hope you stick around, and enjoy!

I was tripping over myself to get my sketch of Carly into my scanner and through photoshop, and after all the fun I’ve been having with recently updating my computer…my scanner stopped working. Oi. Not the greatest announcement to make when coming into a potential hive of lovely new followers. So it’s back to iPhone photos for now. I bought that scanner just over a year ago when I started getting serious about this blog. In fact, it was one year and one week ago…I learned that as soon as I dug out the warranty on it last night. But enough of my sorry news…

This lovely lady has been blowing up on my Pinterest feed lately, and I absolutely loved her striped dress with the cutouts…truthfully I love cutouts in general, but I can’t comfortably traipse around bra-less and stay sassy about it…so I just don’t.

Any ideas as to who she is or where she’s from? I keep tracing her back to Lauren Conrad’s blog on what to wear for summer.

Everyone have a lovely weekend, mine will be full of capoeira, Brazilian food, trying to understand Portuguese and playing in the sun!


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