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Welcome 2018

Hi there!   I just wanted to pop in and say hello, blog!  Been awhile.  2017 now lies behind us and what a year for me and DBSL!  Unbelievable. As we speak my artwork is up on display in Cafe Rosso down on Stephen Ave – my first official showing ever.  The timing of that opportunity […]

Happy New Year!

Well hello and welcome to 2016!  This is the first year since Frank and I have been together that we’ve celebrated in Calgary.  In true Stephanie style, I was more excited to go to bed so I could wake up early to start my January 1st.  I’ve already de-Christmas’ed the house, made my first sketch […]

Life, Lately

  I should really be updating more now that the blog has been cleaned up! I keep realizing too that I mean to write up posts and forget entirely.  We were in Mexico a little while ago – I could write about that.  I completed the third year of the Vitality Awards for the Downtown […]

New Year, New Hashtag: #DBSLdrawsYYC

Happy Friday!  Three posts so far this month, colour ME impressed!  Why the change?  Because I’m so thirsty to keep creating these days! I’ve been taking those Urban Sketchers books I received for Christmas to heart – I have found time almost every day so far this year to pull out my sketchbook and draw […]

Am I…complicated enough to be here?

  What a start, right?  Well I do want to get back to this space more often, so I think questions like these are important!  Frank and I ventured out into the bitter cold tonight to attend an art show for a fellow capoeirista and artist friend of ours, Jason Lamacraft .  It was pretty neat […]

A new January

Good morning!  Happy January the Fourth! New calendar, new year.  There’s always a story behind each month.  Last year I can recall creating a girl in a killer pencil skirt in an office setting, ready to take on the world.  I loved the image, but I remember by the end of January I was like…ugh…bite […]

Suck it, January!

  I know, I know.  Eloquent, right?  I’ve heard somewhere that today, January 30th, is the most depressing day of the year.  Winter has really set in.  The holidays are over, the credit card debt looms, the extra five pounds are just sitting there, New Years resolutions worn down by the lack of instant gratification…not […]

forever in blue jeans

Happy Wednesday everyone! I guess I should have mentioned, last week after I painted my houses I got to thinking.  I still have the urge to draw my girls, but felt I was getting a little tired of watercolour.  As a compromise, I decided to switch over to prisma markers for a while.  You do […]

an anniversary of sorts

Believe it or not, it was one year ago today that I painted my very first fashion illustration.  That’s her on the left.  Her girlfriend is Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific.  I don’t realize how much I use her as a model.  I could do a quick count of how many I’ve done, but they’ve […]


Nope, not a lady.  And no Golden Globe dresses either!  I did look.  I started sketching out Anne Hathaway, I think she was one of my faves in all her simplicity, and that short hair! One other thing I am doing right now is reading Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin.  She talks about the […]

pretty all over

Resolution #3: try more exciting hairstyles.  I have long hair and I love it.  I think the last time it was cut and dyed was last April – don’t judge.  I was all set to get it done late in the year and then I started noticing how ombre was becoming the next big thing.  […]

drawing from the pile

Resolution #2 to share with you this week:  Keep on keeping on.  I had my first day back at the office yesterday and stayed strong until oh…7PM when my energy abandoned me.  It may or may not have had anything to do with the sugar crash that came as a result of unearthing a Terry’s […]

a post and a toast: resolutions I will break this year

guess which of these two was more fun to paint?? The grey one.  Not gonna lie.  This is the first New Years Resolution that I break without fail every single year.  I always say that I will start dressing with more color.  Most of the time I even start to make good on that and […]