Happy Wednesday everyone!

I guess I should have mentioned, last week after I painted my houses I got to thinking.  I still have the urge to draw my girls, but felt I was getting a little tired of watercolour.  As a compromise, I decided to switch over to prisma markers for a while.  You do realize quickly how limiting your colour palette can be.  For instance, I’m pretty confined to the same shade of denim on these poor girls until I get a new blue marker.  Funniest thing.

The other half of that is, to keep up with my painting, I finally dragged the enormous sheet of plywood I had out of the closet and mounted an old (equally enormous) abandoned painting on it to get back to that.  Perfect compromise!  I have ladies to render in marker and scenes to watercolour to my hearts content.  What I would like to do eventually is merge the two into one complete scene.  I think they’d be charming.

But anyways, back to this lovely lady!  What I love about her, in addition to her simple but colourful hairstyle, is the way she dresses up her denim.  I have long admitted to being an absolute denim wh*re, dropping up to $300 on a single pair.  But now that adulthood is settling in more comfortably, I think I’m ready to find one or two pairs that fit fantastically and give up the never ending hunt.  I thought she modelled that nicely.  And I totally cuff my jeans all the time.  I even used to do it with flared jeans in my early twenties.  What?

Hope the week is treating you all well!


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