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What Else is New Around Here?

Hello blogging world! I am still alive and at the drawing board – and the keyboard too.  March was an amazing marathon of a month with getting all the initial work on the Etsy store up and running.   Added to that – Urban Sketchers reposted a few of my sketches on their Instagram profile […]

Happy New Year!

Well hello and welcome to 2016!  This is the first year since Frank and I have been together that we’ve celebrated in Calgary.  In true Stephanie style, I was more excited to go to bed so I could wake up early to start my January 1st.  I’ve already de-Christmas’ed the house, made my first sketch […]

Inktober: the Home Stretch

We’re in the final week of Inktober and I wanted to talk about a few things I have learned over the course of the past month with it.  There is quite the disconnect, I’m finding, between my blog and my Instagram account.  The blog still shows the occassional fashion illustration and some other random musings. […]

back in the swing of things?

I know, I know…the blogging schedule really does leave something to be desired. I’m still on a bit of a leave from work.  The normal Type-A part of me thought I would be efficient as all get out, maximizing the time off, working tirelessly on new pieces and maybe even finally following through on the […]


My birthday month! Looking forward to quieter days and what is left of the warm weather.  Maybe there are still a few days left of sitting out on the front steps in the sunshine to visit with a friend, furry or otherwise.

July! and Happy Canada Day

Get those bikini’s ready!  Finally Calgary weather forecast is predicting a week of temperatures in the high twenties – meaning I may actually be able to go to work without a sweater over my cute outfit! It’s funny to look at this illustration almost a year after painting it – I was so proud of […]

Painting the Calgary Grain Exchange Building

As I mentioned previously, I was contacted for the second year in a row by the Downtown Calgary Association to create illustrations for their winners of the Vitality Awards.  At the last minute they also decided to commission one last piece, a gift for a gentleman who will soon be retiring, of one of his […]

Then it was May…

…and I resolved to return to the blogging world! I’ve been away one full month and this little blog is about to turn 2!  Where does the time go?  April was busy, and great.  We went away for a beach holiday, I got an awesome commission for the second year in a row with the […]

New Studio!

Yet another day that I cannot brag that the calendar is ready!  We are SO close!  Everything is painted and has been touched up in photoshop.  I’m on the last step of the calendar now, moving everything into InDesign to set up the layout for print.  It’s trickier for me still because I’ve only used […]

Haute Chiconomics

  Well I could sure go for a pair of…what do you think – seven inch? — eight inch? stilettos?  This is the best part of illustrating – things can be as realistic or as far a departure from reality as you like.  In all honesty my wardrobe is so full of neutrals that a […]

Happy Canada Day!

Caught it by an hour! Whew! The last week right into the weekend has been positively hectic! I was displaced from my office due to the flood, had an amazing wedding in Edmonton Saturday, drove home Sunday and then drove back to Red Deer today for a Canada Day capoeira demo and an afternoon BBQ […]

Friday frame of mind

Oh hi. It’s Friday.  The sun is out and I just got home from work.  There may be a severe thunderstorm warning for the late afternoon but for right now, the sun is strong, I am barefoot, and I have a three day weekend ahead of me.  Life is good. I thought it was past […]

March! March!

Suuuuuch a slacker, I am so sorry!  The last two weeks have been nothing short of insane.  We had our bathroom reno going on, I was primary caregiver for my parents dog Wilson and cat Kirby, there was a lot of driving back and forth across Calgary to shower at my parents house and my […]


Okay!  Back on regular blogging schedule, as promised!  So.  Not sure if I am still in recovery mode from the weekend or what, but I was at a loss for what to call her!  And another thing.  I was stoked on her up until I had her through the scanner and onto my computer…and now […]

The Edmonton Expo

So I had a very interesting weekend in Edmonton at their Comic and Entertainment Expo.  For the new readers I’ve picked up, welcome to my blog!  The weekend was a lot of fun but, as many vendors there who stopped by to say hello were quick to point out, it was not the right venue […]

The 2013 Calendar

Finally!  All the sleep deprivation was worth it, this lovely beauty will be available for purchase in a few short days!  The first batch of these lovely ladies will be accompanying me to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, so if you are in the area, please come on down to say hello […]

The Lovely Falon

Bon Dia!  I started a Portuguese class last night.  I was thinking that since I’ve blogged one late birthday this week, why stop at that and go for two?  This is Falon!  We were out Friday night down at National Beer Hall on 17th Avenue to celebrate her 29th in style.  I also meant to […]

Miss Meagan

I met Meagan on the first day of school of our second year together at SAIT for Architectural Technologies.  She was this cute little thing who caught my eye immediately and I knew I wanted to be her friend.  Meagan is that girl who is always fantastically put together and you feel the need to […]