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In sickness and in SO sickness…

Let me just start this post off by coming out and saying… I am disgustingly sick right now.  Like, my loving husband, after giving me flu medicine and Vicks vapo-rub before bed last night, had to sweetly ask me to turn my face the other way to breathe because I’m so congested, achy and moaning […]

Kicking SAD to the Curb

Just a snippet of what’s waiting to be painted right now… Whew!  Alright, SERIOUSLY, how is everyone feeling today?  I’ve been battling the royal headache that is Seasonal Affective Disorder now since Friday and I think I’ve finally got a grip on it.  The sad part is, it took a while to even recognize what […]

New Studio!

Yet another day that I cannot brag that the calendar is ready!  We are SO close!  Everything is painted and has been touched up in photoshop.  I’m on the last step of the calendar now, moving everything into InDesign to set up the layout for print.  It’s trickier for me still because I’ve only used […]

the end of October

Halloween tomorrow!  From the girl who hates Halloween!  I remember going through all of this last year – as a kid growing up in Calgary it’s just ruined for you every year.  Mom slaves over an adorable costume featuring glitter and usually fairy wings in my case, only to have to bundle up in my […]

Birthday Musings

Greetings!  Two posts in two days, even I can barely believe that!  Today is my 30th Birthday – the beginning of a brand new decade for me!  Since my eyes first opened this morning my mind and heart have been racing thinking about the things to come, asking myself what I want out of the […]

All things New York

Pretty, huh?  I want to move into this style a little more. Okay!  Friday after New York and right on cue I am sick.  I knew it was coming.  I promised my body after New York it could knock me right out if it wanted to.  It did.  But I wanted to recap my trip […]

The Brooklyn Blonde

Meet Helena of Brooklyn Blonde.  This is turning into a regular event for me, I initially discovered and sketched her on Pinterest over Christmas, which you can check out here – then I found her on Instagram, and now think of painting her quite often as I see her photos on my feed.  I think […]

Rebecca Minkoff

This is an illustration I finished late yesterday of Rebecca Minkoff.  I was hoping to enter into the competition she was having for the next big artist/model/photographer, but I got caught up in my other work and couldn’t put a full piece together in time.  Too bad, because in my mind it looked amazing.  I’m […]

Back in Business

The good, the bad and the ugly. I finally got my computer back from my darling Papa Bear.  It was an interesting week not having access to a laptop at will.  I resorted to stealing Frank’s iPad in the meantime to get things done.  As for blog posts, I’d create them on the iPad and […]

Happy Birthday Design by Streetlight!

Can’t believe it’s been one year! Sans the last two months of infrequent blogging, sorry about that! We are midway through our South East Asian adventure now. I woke up in Hong Kong this morning and tonight we are crawling into bed in Kuala Lumpur. I have a travel sketchbook with me with 50 pages […]

Anna Dello Russo

Isn’t she pretty?  I painted her Monday morning on my day off.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss watercolor while taking that break from it.  So much more rewarding to use than my markers, although they create a fun effect, certainly. How is the week treating everyone?  Believe it or not, I did […]

grey in the face

I did promise an abundance of faces this month before falling off the radar.  Heeeeeere. On a side note, we’re going to be travelling South East Asia for the bulk of May and I am in something of a conundrum trying to figure out what to do with the blog and my sketches while we’re […]

shine bright like a diamond

Baaaah I totally tried to boycott Rihanna after she went back to Chris Brown, but her damn catchy ass songs continue to suck me in.  At least I have not bought any of her music since then — just sing along guiltily in the car whilst she plays on the radio.  This bombshell – who […]

blue suede shoes

I love a good pop of colour in an otherwise black on grey on black ensemble.  This could be me.  As an aside, I am in terrible boot shape right now.  My favourite brown boots that I was given as a birthday present back in the fall have split in the zipper due to my […]

lay it out

Wanna-be-blogger combats yet another case of the lazies and falls out of blogosphere for days on end. Promise I was still sketching in the off days.  It’s scanning them.  So much resistance there.  I’m thinking I need to get back on watercolours again soon too.  We haven’t spoken in like…forever.

March! March!

Suuuuuch a slacker, I am so sorry!  The last two weeks have been nothing short of insane.  We had our bathroom reno going on, I was primary caregiver for my parents dog Wilson and cat Kirby, there was a lot of driving back and forth across Calgary to shower at my parents house and my […]

travel ready

How goes the long weekend for everyone so far?  I decided to sleep in and get my Monday post ready a little later today because hey — long weekend.  So there.  Also – as I type this my wonderful contractor Francois is tearing apart our bathroom!  It’s awful right now, and I am SO excited […]


How cheerful are these?  Seriously! Good weekend?  Mine was nice.  It was productive on every front aside from health and fitness which I intend to get back to this week with a vengeance.  So I was able to move into my new office on Friday as the girl I am taking over for left on […]

dressed to kill

Yeoch!  This is Adriana Lima, the Victoria’s Secret model in a spread from Vogue: Brazil.  Starting to feel a little more exotic I think!  I’m getting a bit braver exaggerating proportions and playing with stances on the models.  Next week I’ll probably try a few crouching positions to see how dramatic I can make those. […]

Run Style, Run

Has anyone heard of Run Style Run?  As per usual I was perusing Pinterest and decided to follow the link through for once to see where my model of choice had been sourced from.  I found her style pretty cute and thought it additionally charming that 1) she’s also a runner and 2) she’s been […]


Okay, just one puppy!  No real backstory on this one…just thought she was cute, and then the next thing I knew I saw the cutest l’il pup to color in too! How was the weekend for everyone?  I received a new book Friday courtesy of amazon and spent the weekend experimenting with new techniques.  This […]

February – already!

Oh my gosh it’s February already!  How did this happen?  Usually January just drags for me.  So exciting! I’ve heard somewhere that January 30th or 31st is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.  I can kind of see it.  The holidays are over, treats and decorations gone, ten pounds of shame […]


So I am only slightly behind the curve on this one.  Really I’m like a week and a half ahead of it if you think about it.  Fashion week.  Again.  Not just in September.  How to get a leg up on it this time I really don’t know.  Although I may have a Monday off […]

easy peasy…

So!  I had quite the week last week.  And then an interesting weekend to boot.  Let me lead off by saying that I got fantastically sick and missed two days of work.  This coincided with me being pulled into my manager’s office at work and being told that I am acting in the senior position […]