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    It’s not really a secret.  My husband and I have been trying for a baby for some time now.  I’m doing my best to trust the path I’m on now, and not worry too deeply about why it’s taking the time it is.  Maybe I’m meant to discover something about myself.  Maybe there’s a different gift life has in store for me.  Maybe I’m meant to become a better painter in the time it takes to conceive.  One thing I can say is that as the time presses on, the noise that I once surrounded myself with is slowly going away.


    Once upon a time I had cable TV.  If it was on when I got home from school or work, it stayed on until bedtime, and I was sitting mutely in front of it the whole time.  Then we got rid of cable, and I only tuned in for a few shows.  Now the TV is on in our house once a week – Friday night date night.  See what I mean about the noise?


    As time goes on, I’m choosing to spend my time on things I want to get better at.  Things I love.  So maybe in this crazy, amazing life, while I wait to make another new life, I’ll get really good at doing the things I currently do with this one.  I’ve been sketching almost every day so far this year.  I’ve learned how much easier it is to pick up a pencil if there’s one always handy, and also I’ve been impressed by how much drawing I can do in a ten minute pocket of time.  It’s mind boggling.

    These were not a ten minute project.  These were a gift for my friends Mike and Leanna, who I was lucky to meet through capoeira and am so grateful to call friends, painted for their daughter’s room.  She was born at home back in September of this year.  Beautiful baby, beautiful parents, and I am proud to say…a beautiful nursery featuring some of my work!  Leanna had a random assortment of antique style frames that she hung in an open concept on one of the walls.  She also had this absolutely brilliant idea to hang an old tree branch above the crib, attaching flowers and birds to it to serve as a mobile.    Her request was simple and open ended – birds and flowers.  She let me take it from there.  I don’t have any photos of the final arrangement on the wall, but it looks like birds sharing branches of a tree.  I put a lot of love into the work for this project, and I feel it shows in the finished pieces.



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