General Musings

Workin’ on Etsy…

Rear detail PBY

And on the inside singing the song “Runnin’ on Emptyyyy”…just me?  Well that’s fabulous. I am ever so grateful for having had an open weekend this week.  Somehow I got ultra focused and spent at least eight hours sitting at the computer working on the Etsy store.  This is no easy feat – let me […]

Something changing around here…


  Well hello and aren’t we looking fabulous! No surprise, I continue to be an absent blogger.  Let me assure you – it is not for lack of time spent on my craft.  I have been drawing and painting so much this year, it blows me away.  You know they say small changes can add […]

first rooftop sketch – and the struggle of calling myself an Urban Sketcher


I’ve seen images such as this all over Pinterest and Instagram and was on the lookout for rooftops to try.  I was initially put off of this one because of the snow on the rooftops (see my last post!) but ultimately decided just to go for it. Here’s the other funny thing about me (okay, […]

Rossland and area sketches


Christmas this year was exactly what I needed.  We headed out to Rossland to spend the week with Frank’s family – longer than we’ve ever stayed out there.  I asked for an absolute ton of reference books for Christmas – I feel like I go through bouts of enjoying fiction but then shift into learning […]

working on colour

old palette

You know when you start to get that feeling creeping up that you’ve been doing something all wrong?  I just realized I have been doing that with Pinterest.  I’ve been idly scanning my way through the main page for years, pinning things as they came to me.  Last night I decided to scroll through my […]

my Christmas Card


I wasn’t sure if I’d get one finished this year – after working on those Calendar months to finish up the 2017 DBSL Calendar my eye was tuned to look for more complicated scenes.  The past few weeks have run along at a pretty insane clip if I am to be honest.  In any event, […]

2017 Calendars are here!


Hello everyone! After hours of painting and then even more hours in Photoshop and InDesign, I am thrilled to announce that the 2017 Calendar is now LIVE in my Etsy store!  This is the fifth year of production, which I cannot believe.  There are probably a thousand quotes applicable to this moment, but to try […]

1st Urban Sketchers Calgary meetup


Back in July I joined up with a few other people for our first Calgary Urban Sketchers meetup!  It was fantastic.  I stumbled onto the community about a year ago and wondered how I could have possibly missed out on it all this time.  Calgary didn’t have a group set up at that time, and […]

some people practice


  Hi!  Sorry this image is not an ideal size for a blog post – it’s so long it had to be sized to fit the blog I suppose! So in the interest of getting better at capturing people I went down to the C-Train platform on Parade Day to catch parade goers leaving the […]

Urban Sketching along Riverfront Avenue


I thought it would be fun to share some of my progress sketches to show a bit of my process as an extension of what you can typically see of my finished work on Instagram. Summer is in full swing now and I have been taking more steps to get outside, get over my shyness […]

From the Brazilian Archives


Good morning!  Happy Saturday! Not sure if you want to call them archives, I did these sketches back in February after we got back from the trip.  They were completed around Valentine’s Day as I recall.  Frank and I had a lovely Valentine’s date one day where we wandered into a coffee shop to sit […]

Trusting the Process


So I can happily say some of those New Years Resolutions remain on track.  Actually I read a great blog post recently about not calling them Resolutions, because then it feels like way too big a deal when you fail.  I understand.  So I set best Intentions (yes with a capital I) for the year […]

Travel Sketches from Brazil


Hello and happy Saturday!  It is our first normal weekend back home from Brazil.  I think we might have just the teensiest bit of jetlag still as we have both been out of bed since 7AM – something I love to do and my other half is not exactly known for.  I thought I should […]

Why I quit fashion illustration


Okay!  End of January, almost the end of my trip and FINALLY time to write this post. Step one: Read the following article. But for me, it started long before that.  About two years ago now, I started looking for insight on the blog.  I asked a lot of my friends what they like about […]

My Travel Kit


  Okay, so by now I’ve been travelling through Brazil for almost two weeks.  How insightful of me for the first time in almost four years to schedule a bunch of posts for January!  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back a moment… Done.  It’s probably painfully sunburnt right now anyways.  So!  The […]

Recommended Reading – any reading really…


I read a new book a little while ago called Big Magic.  It was written by Elizabeth Gilbert, same author who wrote ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.  That was a great book too, about new beginnings. Big Magic imparted several lessons, and honestly after each chapter I had to fight with the desire to take notes on […]

Happy New Year!


Well hello and welcome to 2016!  This is the first year since Frank and I have been together that we’ve celebrated in Calgary.  In true Stephanie style, I was more excited to go to bed so I could wake up early to start my January 1st.  I’ve already de-Christmas’ed the house, made my first sketch […]

Inktober: A Success??!


  Side note*  I drafted this November 2nd and then took too long to get my sketches scanned!  Still posting this because it felt good to talk about.  Don’t you just love social media?  October was SO 11 days ago…   I survived Inktober and managed to put out a sketch a day for 31 […]

Inktober: the Home Stretch


We’re in the final week of Inktober and I wanted to talk about a few things I have learned over the course of the past month with it.  There is quite the disconnect, I’m finding, between my blog and my Instagram account.  The blog still shows the occassional fashion illustration and some other random musings. […]

Sweet September


Well hello and happy September first!  Feels a little surreal, doesn’t it?  Like it’s been summer in Calgary since early May anyways.  We’ve been spoiled.  Here’s to kicking off Fashion Week in all major cities around the globe – which is what these two ladies were meant as an ode to.  They’re fashion bloggers, decked […]

Brazilian Heat: A Wild Success


Wow – what a weekend.  Or rather, what a crazy last couple of weeks.  We’ve known about this event since January.  I agreed to take part early on as a dancer back in February, thinking it would be a great opportunity to push out of my comfort zone and get into killer shape for the […]

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 4.32.10 PM

Okay okay, I’m a little nervous to announce I’ve just gone after my first really big commission.  The City of Calgary is looking for artists to create banners for the bridges leading into the downtown.  I’ve been driving under those banners for as long as I can remember – some that I’ve loved and others […]

Starting August at the end of July


  Because it’s a long weekend and I say why the hell not?! I loved this calendar girl so much more before I sketched her background – and I suspect it’s because her background just doesn’t match her all that well.  I struggled a bit with getting that calendar out too mind you – and […]

a mid-summer’s July


To quote the white rabbit: “Goodness me!  I’m late I’m late I’m late!” The last two weeks have been unintentionally spent travelling from coast to coast in Canada.  My dad, sister and I ventured out to Regina beach the last weekend in June to spend some time with my mom’s side of the family.  Late […]