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an anniversary of sorts

Believe it or not, it was one year ago today that I painted my very first fashion illustration.  That’s her on the left.  Her girlfriend is Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific.  I don’t realize how much I use her as a model.  I could do a quick count of how many I’ve done, but they’ve […]


I am a day early on this one, but I want to wish a happy birthday to my dear friend Ashlee.  She was one of the ladies to stand up for me on my wedding day last year, and I am thrilled to say I get to return the favor next June!  We have had […]

Cape Ready

  I think it’s all the fashion shows I’ve been reading about on Twitter, but with the end of New York fashion week and then the transition into London and now (I think) Milan fashion week right behind it… I’m starting to develop an affection for the cape.  And ankle boots.  A year ago I […]