I am a day early on this one, but I want to wish a happy birthday to my dear friend Ashlee.  She was one of the ladies to stand up for me on my wedding day last year, and I am thrilled to say I get to return the favor next June!  We have had one of those friendships that can fall out of touch for a year and pick up right where it left off.  I have precious memories with this girl of laughter and tears, a few nights at the club and breakfast at three AM.  Come on, you all did it once.  This girl is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out, and she can rock a pair of stilettos like no one else I have ever known in life.  She makes me proud.

So miss Ash, I know it’s a day early but I hope it is truly wonderful for you!

I don’t know what it was, maybe the break over the weekend without having much time to paint but I was having the worst time getting her face drawn!  Luckily it turned out with the paint but I was terrified to take too much ink to this for fear of ruining it.  One of those days.

I hope the post thanksgiving week is going well for the rest of you.  I have a fridge full of leftover turkey (PS – total success there!) and I am trying my best to stop sneaking bites of the ridiculous Nutella bread pudding dessert that I made too much of.  We are totally creeping into that time of year where that extra five pounds just sneaks on, one mini chocolate bar at a time.  Oh noes.

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