Sketching YYC

2018 – The Halfway Mark

Hi! Wow! Was that six months already? I’m just kidding. I believe it. What has happened in the last six months? The House The biggest life change is that we bought a house! A sixty year old, desperately in need of love and new plumbing home. It’s so full of potential I trip over it […]

1st Urban Sketchers Calgary meetup

Back in July I joined up with a few other people for our first Calgary Urban Sketchers meetup!  It was fantastic.  I stumbled onto the community about a year ago and wondered how I could have possibly missed out on it all this time.  Calgary didn’t have a group set up at that time, and […]

some people practice

  Hi!  Sorry this image is not an ideal size for a blog post – it’s so long it had to be sized to fit the blog I suppose! So in the interest of getting better at capturing people I went down to the C-Train platform on Parade Day to catch parade goers leaving the […]

Urban Sketching along Riverfront Avenue

I thought it would be fun to share some of my progress sketches to show a bit of my process as an extension of what you can typically see of my finished work on Instagram. Summer is in full swing now and I have been taking more steps to get outside, get over my shyness […]

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Okay okay, I’m a little nervous to announce I’ve just gone after my first really big commission.  The City of Calgary is looking for artists to create banners for the bridges leading into the downtown.  I’ve been driving under those banners for as long as I can remember – some that I’ve loved and others […]

#DBSLdrawsYYC – ing

My first post under that hashtag in awhile!  Feels okay. One great thing about this leave of absence is I’ve been drawing a lot.  Like every single day, sometimes for up to four hours at a time.  Just getting lost in the process, figuring out my style, learning little things to tweak.  I did a […]

New Year, New Hashtag: #DBSLdrawsYYC

Happy Friday!  Three posts so far this month, colour ME impressed!  Why the change?  Because I’m so thirsty to keep creating these days! I’ve been taking those Urban Sketchers books I received for Christmas to heart – I have found time almost every day so far this year to pull out my sketchbook and draw […]