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    Okay okay, I’m a little nervous to announce I’ve just gone after my first really big commission.  The City of Calgary is looking for artists to create banners for the bridges leading into the downtown.  I’ve been driving under those banners for as long as I can remember – some that I’ve loved and others that I’ve thought could have been a little brighter or a little more interesting.  The Downtown Calgary Association has graciously commissioned me for three years running now to help out with their Vitality Awards, and it was my contact there who reached out to me and urged me to apply.  A lot went into the submission document.  And now the best thing I can do is forget about it and keep working on my regular stuff to see if anything happens.

    Also on the plate this month as hinted at on Instagram are a few other big projects.  I did finally start on that kitchen reno.  Progress shots soon to come, but our kitchen cabinets, which have graced the house with their presence since completion of construction, circa 1977, have just had their first major face lift.  A lot of work (and we’re still going!) but we’ve done it ourselves and I couldn’t be happier with the progress.

    Not far behind and just as big, my artwork is going to be up for Brazilian Heat next Saturday!  I’m creating four massive 6′ x 8′ canvasses which will hang at the event to serve as decorations.  I’ll post a few photos of those as well once they’re closer to completion – right now my days outside of the office have consisted of painting cabinets, painting canvas and prepping final touches for this art submission.  And being as it is August, I am less then a month away from going for my next capoeira belt.  Life’s been busy.  But really good.  It’s hard to let the exhaustion hang around for too long when I’m so stoked on all the different projects I am working on – it’s actually not to hard to just keep on going.

    All for now!

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