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    What?  That’s still fashion illustration!  Right?!

    Okay, so the back story on this is that I came home from work Thursday completely exhausted.  All I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and snooze, maybe top that off with a hot chocolate and Kahlua under the covers before bed.  Instead, I dragged myself to  hot yoga, fully expecting to have my ass handed to me on the mat.  I had the best class!  I felt so strong, I stretched things that I have not been able to reach in the last little while – yoga rocked my socks.  Ever since getting injured this summer it’s been one thing after another, and last month I was told by a doctor that I needed to stop capoeira and running for a month.  I didn’t take well to that.  At all.  But I’ve been forcing myself to listen to his advice (or face the wrath of my husband) and so instead I have been hitting the elliptical at the gym while hiding out in the women’s only section (does anyone else find this machine embarrassing?  Like I am not hard-core enough to run?) and getting back to yoga.  And damn it – it’s working!  I’m starting to loosen up again.  I can sit on my knees for the first time since August.  And my abs are killing me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am fully intending to hit capoeira back full force come the start of the new year – I have a belt to earn next September.  But for now, maybe I needed to hit the yoga mat again for a little while.  I came home on a total endorphin rush and actually started looking for dancers to paint, something in the hip hop style.  I found a set of images that I’ll hopefully do something with soon.  But then I found this image.  And it came together so fast.  So there you be.   Have a wonderful weekend, don’t let it get too stressful for you.  Or contact me and we can go on a yoga date together, hah.

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