Good Morning!  I was excited to get out of bed today.  I had the mission upon rising to get into the study to paint a brand new girl.

The motivation behind that?  It’s been two years to the day since I painted my very first illustration.  If you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut, I highly recommend digging out old work to take a look at how you progress.  Doing these illustrations day to day, I didn’t think I saw much improvement or change.  Look at this!  I spent about two hours on this new girl this morning.  I also went back to basics and cut out all the shortcuts I’ve been taking lately – sketching in my module lines to work on proportions, allowing layers of paint to dry before adding another, and adding on with coloured pencils after finishing with paint.


The girl in the purple skirt is the first attempt I EVER made at fashion illustration, on January 20th of 2012.  Middle is Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific, January 20th of 2013.  Even looking at the latest illustration I can see areas to improve upon – not sure if you’d know what they are unless you’ve studied fashion illustration.  For now I’ll just stick to mentally patting myself on the back over how far I’ve come.  This really makes me want to keep going with fashion illustration – something I’d been doubting myself on a lot this last while.  But onto the rest of my Monday off – I’ve got a yoga class to get to!

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