Hi there!

Isn’t it perfect that the sun was out this morning? I want to paint my nails strawberry red and dig into my gardening all at the same time. Something about the month of June. Really for me it’s the beginning of any month. A fresh start, time to set new goals or evaluate old ones. For both my husband and I, returning from vacation two days ago has led us to see our home with fresh eyes, and think of all the tweaks we want to make to make it even more our own.
It also led me to think more about this blog, and the direction I want to take it in. We’re just over a year old now! I feel so legit! Now that I’m back and in a position to post regularly, you’ll be seeing more of me again. Thanks to those of you who’ve stopped by to read and check out my sketches this year! It feels good to be doing something I love and sharing it with this intimate community of readers. So thanks again!


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