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    Oh.  Hi?

    So.  I did not quit blogging.  Not on purpose.  I definitely did not quit painting for the record, either.  I signed my first big commission!  Very exciting.  I’ve done a few guest posts now for  the official blog for the Downtown Calgary Association.  Apparently with my Valentine’s day post they saw something they liked, so they commissioned me to paint all the winners for this years Vitality Awards!  Pretty sure the big night is later this week, so I can’t show you anything I did for them just yet, but I’ll be sure to post soon.

    In the meantime, you’ll have to look at this lovely lady!  The month of May.  I painted her around this time last year, and all because I was obsessed with the Maroon 5 song Payphone.  I’m over it now.  We got a little tired of each other.

    In other news, we leave this Sunday for the big South East Asia trip.  I’ve been working at some capoeira moves faithfully in the weeks leading up to this trip, so I think I’ll be able to bring some good energy to any schools we encounter overseas.  This little blog will unfortunately go more or less unattended for the month we’re away, but I did treat myself with my commission money to a big set of prisma markers, and I’m taking a set of greytones and a fresh sketchbook with me to work to my hearts content on what grabs me overseas.  I want to focus more on perspective and reflection with my drawing, so I’ll be eager to share some of that with you when we get back.

    Sorry once again for the crazy hiatus – believe me I was painting on the regular, it was just all confidential at the time.  You’ll see soon!

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