So in addition to all the painting I had to get through for the Downtown Calgary Association, I was flattered to be asked by one of my coworkers to help her with her wedding invitations.  She’s getting married in BC at the Summerhill Winery, and then the reception is at the hall of an old apple orchard and packing house.  The image above will be going into her invitations…as will the winery below.  Not bad for my first attempt at a vineyard, huh?  I love playing with perspective, so the rows of bushes were fun.

So the week has finally started to wind down. I spent Thursday evening getting mostly organized for our trip, as Friday night I am determined to make my last capoeira class at home to get me ready for the month ahead.  And then Saturday I am partaking in a bridal shower and stagette, no relation to the lovely invitation above.  And then bright and early Sunday morning, we jet-set away!

I have a few posts scheduled for while I’m gone, and if the internets permit I’ll try to sneak in a few updates here and there, be it pictures of the trip, images from my sketchbook, whatever strikes me.   And if I should slack, I’ll be back rested and ready in June.  See you then!


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