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    So how did I begin teaching workshops on watercolor anyways?

    Here’s one thing I can say about working on Design by Streetlight since 2012. My fear of asking for things is finally beginning to disappear. When did that start to happen in earnest? Just this year. I have been taking in the message a lot lately that the more often you are willing to put yourself into uncomfortable positions, the greater the growth opportunity available to you – and Recess Shop is a prime example of that.

    I read about their opening in Avenue Magazine earlier this year. Etsy sales were finally beginning to move and I decided it was time to do a few more things that scared me. I say this with love towards myself, but I finally put on my big girl pants and reached out to Recess Shop. I was actually asking at the time if they would be interested in carrying my art prints. And you know what the answer to that was? No. What?! BUUUT it was followed up with – would you have any interest in teaching watercolor workshops out of our space? And before I could let the doubt grab me too hard around the throat, I agreed. I would love to teach watercolor workshops. Let’s do it.

    Kyle, the owner, is pretty rad. He would supply the materials but he let me write my own course for it. And it’s been going well ever since! I’m beginning to encounter a slowdown with enrolment as we get closer to Christmas, but I have met so many fascinating people and the best part – I’ve had a lot of requests to teach additional workshops. This happened to me a few years ago with teaching capoeira as well. First it made me nervous, but then as I got to see what others were getting out of it, my confidence as a teacher began to grow. I think this is just the beginning, but my eventual goal is to host a variety of workshops in different settings to really get out there. I want to encourage anyone and everyone that they can paint if they want to. Fear need not apply.

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