So…no go on the senior position at work. I got the news Monday in a voicemail message – so impersonal. I came home Monday evening to vent a little, then crashed out early for bed. Today I talked to the lovely Meagan, and she had a few words of comfort, the best of them being that all things happen for a reason. I can believe this. Sometimes I think the pace that my career is moving at is directly related to my pursuit of other passions, like this! She also sent me a few inspirational quotes as desktop backgrounds for my computer, and this was one of them. I actually already have quite the collection of inspiring quotes. I have been adding to it since…I couldn’t even say.

I had an image painted for today, but didn’t feel it would relate to anything that’s been going on my world lately, so instead I painted this. Words to live by. I should also take out a book on calligraphy sometime in the new year. Hope the week is treating everyone well so far. Is anyone else moving into holiday mode yet, or are you still wrapped up in the daily grind? That’s where I’m stuck! and with only 12 days of work left to boot. Terrible.

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