How goes the long weekend for everyone so far?  I decided to sleep in and get my Monday post ready a little later today because hey — long weekend.  So there.  Also – as I type this my wonderful contractor Francois is tearing apart our bathroom!  It’s awful right now, and I am SO excited to see the end result.

Okay, back to fashion illustration…this model was selected from the Victoria Secret catalog which arrived in my mailbox Friday afternoon as I was getting home from work.  Love to look through what they have…but their pricing is so ridiculous.  Nevermind the added insult of paying the shipping to get it up to Canada!  You’d think from what they charge we were living on another continent…although come to think of it I bet their stuff is coming from a warehouse in China or something.  So that answers that one, huh?

Anyways!  She’s half from the catalog, half made up.  We finally got our big trip booked for this coming May, we’ll be travelling SE Asia for the month.  It’ll be crazy hot over there and I started dreaming about these comfy drawstring cargo pants that do not exist yet would make for perfect travel chic in my opinion.  The one added aside I have to bring up is that espadrilles were all over the VS models in my catalog, so I had to throw them in – but I feel I can’t wear them.  Those are miniature bombshell shoes as I’ve referenced in previous posts.  I’m too tall for that much shoe to be added onto my feet.  Still, they look damn cute on this leggy love.

Happy Monday! My bathroom is in pieces and I could not be happier!

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