Another!  Still no?

How is the week progressing, dear readers of mine?  I feel like I’ve finally started to get my feet back under me.  The week leading up to that Edmonton show was such a mad rush to be ready, and it took about two weeks following to slow down and get back to routine.  For a while the desire to draw and paint had deserted me, but I’ve been learning to just let things flow as they need to, and now the drive is coming back. It also coincided with me finally returning to semi-regular capoeira classes for the first time since I dislocated my knee back in August, so it’s been double the adjustment.  It feels amazing to be back, in spite of some physical limitations my heart is feeling light and lovely.  Last week I wanted to cry every time I sat down, but we’re past that now.  You don’t realize that running and yoga do not use the same muscles as dance-fighting does.

Anyways!  This is supposed to be about painting, not martial arts.  Hope the week is moving along smoothly for everyone else.

Is anyone else feeling the start of Christmas urges?  Maybe it’s just me.  I always try to keep it in until Remembrance Day has passed, but after that there aren’t any other holidays between now and Christmas, so it’s like….game on.  Just me?

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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