Alas, my computer is home and healthy and of all things…I can’t seem to regain my internet connection. I should confess, I am fairly useless when it comes to technology. Frank went away to Toronto for a weekend a few months ago, and I actually called him there to figure out how to transfer a movie I wanted to watch from his computer to our television. It’s…sad.

Lucky for me, I was busy with my greytones on vacation, so I have a small stockpile of sketches waiting to say hello to the world. As with most vacations (I don’t think this is just me…) while overseas I started pondering things I wanted to change when I got home. Simplifying the wardrobe, cleaning up my overall look…and really wanting to cut my hair! This was of course influenced by the crazy humidity we lived in for a month and the fact that my natural curls were going crazy. I actually broke elastics trying to wrestle everything into a messy bun. Of course you’ve all seen that cute style that everyone is rocking lately with the short tresses hitting just past the shoulder? I’m considering it! When in control, I can do great things with my natural waves.

What do you think of her hair? This is about the length I am debating on. Maybe a titch longer, we’ll see.

How is the week treating everyone so far? I feel I am slowly starting to win the jetlag battle. As in it’s 9:30 on Tuesday and I am not out cold right now. Small triumph. I also got back to the gym tonight to get a workout in. It feels good to really be getting back.


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