Bon Dia!  I started a Portuguese class last night.  I was thinking that since I’ve blogged one late birthday this week, why stop at that and go for two?  This is Falon!  We were out Friday night down at National Beer Hall on 17th Avenue to celebrate her 29th in style.  I also meant to paint her last week…and then got wrapped up in one distraction or another.

I had the privilege of meeting Falon through my husband’s group of friends back when we first started dating.  They say when you marry a man you marry his friends.  She came as a pleasant surprise – one of the friends had a wife!  This girl is one of the most hard-core runners I have ever met – she even participated in the Nike Women’s Marathon last year down in San Francisco, and this year started doing her first triathlons!

One other side note of Friday evening…previously I bragged about being a master of high heels.  Friday I ventured out in my favorite skinny jeans and high heels (for the first time since my knee injury) to set the town on fire…and lasted about six blocks before having to beg my husband for a piggy back.  Seems those things are an acquired skill and if you don’t use it you lose it.  Damn.  Lucky for me we never made it to the dancing portion of the evening.

Happy belated birthday Falon!  I had a blast spending it with you.

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