So I had a very interesting weekend in Edmonton at their Comic and Entertainment Expo.  For the new readers I’ve picked up, welcome to my blog!  The weekend was a lot of fun but, as many vendors there who stopped by to say hello were quick to point out, it was not the right venue for me.  But now I’ve done my first trade show!  The lovely Ashlee was there on hand to help with set up, and having done several trade shows of her own previously with various Bridal Fairs, she was our resident expert.  I handed out a lot of business cards and still managed to sell a few of everything I had brought, which included cards, calendars and prints.

The weekend capped off with a trip to Jubilations to see the show there and visit with one of the headliners who is also a close friend of Frank’s, and then Monday we drove back to Calgary.   Yesterday was my birthday too!  So after a weekend of insanity followed by a Monday of relative craziness that was capped off with a wonderful dinner with friends, here I am. Tuesday morning, still in my slippers and tucked into the studio with coffee in hand, ready to share my weekend adventures.

I was also given an incredible birthday gift.  Does anyone follow the Sartorialist?  I stumbled onto his blog at some point this year while I’ve been learning my way around the online fashion industry.  Ashlee gave me a book full of his images as a birthday gift!  It’s just amazing.  He specializes in street style photography and captures people in their most natural state.  I’m in love with this book, and can tell you many new paintings of mine will be inspired by his images.

Above I also included photos of my wonderful Frank decked out in his geeky lab gear selling his Z-Kits and finally an image of some of the typical clientele at the expo.  I think I may fare better in November.

So there you have it!  I will be back to posting ladies tomorrow and my regular schedule will resume.  Thanks for putting up with me, and thanks for stopping by!


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