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    We survived the week and made it to Friiiiiday!

    Has anyone heard of the Blonde Salad?  Chiara Ferragni.  I hadn’t either until this little venture of mine began.  She’s not from around here.  As in she’s not a part of our world – the one where you get up and go to work every day, and dream of owning a periwinkle trench coat and bright yellow shoes.  Because really if you owned either of these items, they are both such statement pieces that you could not in good fashion conscience wear them that often – you’d be called out for such a travesty.  Chiara, from what I’ve read on her blog, has actually gone through law school and is technically a lawyer…but you would never know that because she’s too busy frolicking on sandy beaches or attending fashion weeks wherever in the world they may be held.  I think she’s one of the first ‘fashion bloggers’ to really make it – she now designs her own clothing, posts hundreds of pictures at a time of her outfits and jet sets to all manner of exotic locales to live the life the rest of us dream of from our offices five days out of seven.  Wait, what?

    I’m not hating on the Blonde Salad, please do not get me wrong.  I just…wonder how she did it sometimes, you know?

    Reality calls.  How much snow did we get last night, 20cm?  25?  Ooooh boy.  Did I mention that I was up at 5AM Thursday morning to drive my parents to the airport so they could set off to Mexico for a week?  Well I can’t wait to don my skinny jeans, boots and thick sweater uniform that I’ve been rocking for the last week or so.  How about you?

    Jet setting plans aside, please PLEASE come and visit me tomorrow at the Blackfoot Inn!  Kozie Events is hosting a free show and there will be a ton of other vendors there selling their fabulous things.  And while you’re checking that out, what better time to treat yourself to a 2013 Calendar or set of blog prints for Christmas gifts?  I also have it on authority that there will be free coffee, tea and cookies!  I hope to see you there!  11 to 3.  I’ll be the blonde girl in the back (not to be confused with Ms Salad above) in the cutest outfit that I have yet to decide on combined with the cutest heels that I will be cursing by about 3PM.

    Happy weekend!

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