Good morning blogisphere!  Happy holiday Monday to you all!

I hope I haven’t missed any early risers this morning, usually I set these to post the night before.  But I was feeling unconventional (read:lazy) and decided last night to wait until this morning.  And then when I got up at seven I decided to paint this girl!  So really she’s barely dry right now.  How awesome is that?

A few things to note on her, while I was in Vancouver last month I picked up some cold press paper.  I’d been using hot press previously, and had read up on the different between the two, with all things pointing to hot press paper as they way to go.  I liked painting on the cold press better because the paint seems to absorb a bit better …but it totally scans differently!  I can really see the texture of the paper under her…can you see it?  I also had once again the classic debate on to ink or not to ink.  She needed to pop a bit more, so I inked her as a last minute thought.

In any event, I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!  It’s been close to 30 degrees here every day and so hard to accomplish anything!  Hopefully you’ve got a cute bikini, a straw hat and a body of water nearby.  Happy Monday!

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