It’s Friday!

SO I had a very exciting short week this week!  First of all, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new scanner big enough to contain my images which is very exciting!  I’ll have to do a feature before and after post, this one has much better colour resolution.  All my older images seem so washed in pink tones now, it’s driving me crazy.  I’m going to have to have a scanning party with myself and perhaps a glass of wine or two to get everything I’ve done so far re-scanned and cleaned up so that I can start making my prints available!

Second in news that’s currently floating my boat, there’s an art awareness event being hosted next month called PaperGirl which is doing a call for local artisans as a chance to display your work for the public for free!  After the event all the works of art donated by local artists will be randomly distributed to the public.  It’s going to be a great opportunity to start gaining a little more exposure around Calgary!  I’m aiming to have three pieces to contribute to this.  Who knows, one could be yours!

Have an absolutely fantastic weekend.  I will only be leaving the study to play capoeira and perhaps brush my teeth.

Oh yeah, and I hope you like the cheeky Steampunk chic above.

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