Because it’s a long weekend and I say why the hell not?!

I loved this calendar girl so much more before I sketched her background – and I suspect it’s because her background just doesn’t match her all that well.  I struggled a bit with getting that calendar out too mind you – and by the time I got to putting backdrops to things I was feeling pretty burnt out.  These are probably all things I shouldn’t admit to – but in the end they’ve all been for the best.  I’m so much happier with the things I am producing these days.  I remember for the longest time feeling the itch to create something, anything, and not knowing what to use for reference material.  These days, inspiration is grabbing me every time I look around.  I feel like I’m finally learning to really see, you know?

So as August comes on I’ve got several art related goals on my plate.  I’ll wait a little bit to confess what they are – no sense in talking about things I might not follow through on.  I’m also making the goal to have ten blog posts this month – that’s one every three days.  Eep!  I just feel like I’m neglecting this site so much and it’s working so nicely now.  Accountability to myself (and whoever reads this post) won’t hurt me a bit.

Long weekend plans so far include capoeira in the park on Saturday, cleaning the house out and collecting beadboard for an upcoming kitchen reno I’ve been wanting to start for…three years now.  Ahem.  You?


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