The weatherman promises it will finally get above zero today.  He’s even gone so far as to say we will see 15 glorious degrees this weekend.  Can you believe it?

I am just so tired of my winter boots.  And my big puffy winter coat.  Do you plan your outfits for work the night before?  I totally do.  And everything I’ve come up with the last little while involved bare feet and exposed ankles.  Please weatherman…make it all go away.  The snow, the ice, the gravel everywhere that trips me anytime I dare venture out of the house in something slightly fancier than my Sorel boots that I was so excited to get in November.  Don’t take it personally I’m just…over it.  You know?  This little minx made me happy.  Light colour palette to embrace the spring.  Flowers peeking bravely out of her purse.  All lines of her outfit clean, fitted, classic and not outlandish at all.  This is the style I strive to emulate.  I even own those shoes.  Seriously!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Frank is off with the boys on a ski trip.  He asked me worriedly if I’d be alright on my own for a night…and I asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to leave a day early with the boys for extra bonding time.  I am craving a little time to myself!  All I want to do this weekend is watch a super girly movie that makes me cry, eat popcorn for dinner, go to bed outrageously early and wake up before the sun to paint in my study.  Simple.

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