I had to snicker a little as I was putting this together.  I thought Spot was so cute that she needed a friend.  She also looked like she was deep in conversation with someone, and so Feather was born.  I was talking to someone earlier in the week about my blog and made some mention of ‘my girls’.  She laughed and asked me if I ever named any of them, just because it was funny to hear me refer to them that way.  I don’t really name them beyond their post names, but those generally seem to suit I think.  And on that note, here are Spot and Feather.  They’re probably discussing something of utmost importance, like why the girl in line in front of them in the coffee shop should not have worn those jeans with those shoes.  Ugh – so last season.  I could be getting carried away a little.  Please rest assured that I am a healthy person who for the most part does not have any doubt as to the health of my sanity.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend my darling readers.  My husband Frank and I are hosting our respective capoeira groups on Saturday to watch the UFC fights.  Somehow I have started to enjoy them – but mostly I’m just excited for the excuse to cook up mad amounts of food and catch up with friends.

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