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    Well hello there.  She ultimately came from Pinterest, but I believe this is the lovely Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific style blog based out of sunny San Francisco.  She’s a cute little thing.  I could do several posts on her actually.

    So, good weekend?  In spite of this whole not being able to walk thing, my weekend was pretty wonderful.  My handsome husband indulged me and took me down to Mona Lisa art supply on 17th avenue, and I was able to pick up a new block of paper that is 18″ x 24″!  So I am excited to start doing some damage with that mammoth thing.  I want to start painting scenes too, so this will be perfect for a start on that.  One full week off of work and I finished eight new pieces.  Two of them are now added into my portfolio, so feel free to head over there for a look-see.  The others will be out later this week, and I added two more ladies onto the calendar that I’m making for 2013!

    We were also able to make it down to the Epcor Centre yesterday so that I could check out my art on display for PaperGirl YYC.  I also got to meet Miss Sunshine Frere, one of the main brains behind bringing this opportunity to Calgary for the first time.  They had over 550 submissions for the first year, which is awesome.  It sounds like next year will be even bigger.  There was a ton of interesting pieces to check out down there, so if you’re on Stephen Avenue at all this week, head into the Epcor Centre to take a look!  The PaperGirl display is behind the main double staircase and takes up an entire room, it’s pretty awesome.  They’ll be looking for paper girls and boys to hand out artwork via bicycle this coming weekend ( I got a free pass because of my crutches) and they’re still deciding the route around Calgary, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted!  Any cycling enthusiasts, they would love any extra help in distributing artwork around town.

    Have a wonderful week!  Wish me luck in regaining my sea legs…I’m really hoping to be able to walk again by this weekend.

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