Hey hey!  Good weekend?  As always I didn’t get as much painting done as I would have liked.  I need a 26 hour day I think.  I even managed to get up by seven both days!  It’s the summer weather, it makes staying inside too painful, don’t you think?  It’s been such a beautiful summer so far.

In any event, here is a discarded contender for the PaperGirl submission, now due TOMORROW!  I’ve got her replacement drawn and I will have to get her fully painted this evening so that I can hand her over tomorrow morning.  I’ll feature the three of them together Wednesday!  You can see what I’m giving up.  It’s so funny, you really do get attached to what you work on.  I had a commission last week, and I think knowing that it wasn’t going to be mine for long made it easier, but when you spend all this time painting you tend to get rather attached to what you’ve produced.  I should just be excited to see the progress I’m making.

Have a wonderful day!

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