So I made it to the end of my first week in the blogging world!  What a rush.  I’ve been painting and creating images for the past three months now to get ready for this but to actually start putting things together for the rest of the world to see…wow!  My heart has been pounding the whole time I’ve been working on the back end stuff for the blog.  I really hope everyone who has found me so far is liking what they see, and please, stick around!  I wholly consider myself a work in progress and hope to only get better as I move forward.  To leave you for the weekend on this note, a little piece of whimsy.

While I do confess a fetish for shoes this is one would fall outside my willing to wear range.   But the image I found was just so lovely, down to the reflection of the velour in the insole of the shoe.  I see these as a perfect complement to someone on the short side.  It would offer that miniature bombshell status I think.  I’m on the taller side of the spectrum at 5’8″ and so I have trouble incorporating any sort of wedge into my style…I feel it pushes me into giant territory.  My husband is 6’3″ and he said the first time we met what he noticed immediately was that I hit the range of his line of sight instead of looking down at people like he normally has to.

Happy weekend everyone!

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