Who knew the Golden Globes were on last night?  Probably every one but me.  We just don’t watch TV at home!  I logged into twitter for a second and saw the feed.  If I were faster on the uptake I would have been checking out starlets to sketch for the blog.  Alas, I’ll see what I can pull together for the middle of the week.  But for now let’s talk about shoes!

I have officially embraced the trend of skinny jeans and booties, but I still struggle with the minor skin cleavage that you get from the separation where denim meets boot.  All the style bloggers I follow seem to have bare feet.  I know there are socks that exist to make it look like you are bare foot, but to be honest if I’m going as far as putting a closed toe shoe on, it’s to keep my feet warm!  I can’t handle the sock cleavage.  Are we okay to do the same thing men are doing, with the wild socks?  I’m so confused.  I thought these boots were quite adorable, and with the slouch being primarily in the back I don’t think you’d worry about socks peeking out at all.  Advice?  Please?  My ankle boots slouch on the outer front side.

This shoe post is going to be one of a routine I am attempting to develop with my goal for an editorial calendar this year – each month I’ll feature a shoe that I like.  I’ll be introducing a few other things in my editorial calendar over the course of the month – stay tuned!

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